Hi All MANI-SIAMers and friends!

Just a few words from our first integration meeting at JSB (Johan Sebastian Bar). On the academic side, we had very nice suggestions from the members. I want to emphasize the cellebration of our new graduate students, now in the Master and Ph.D. programs. Also, we had the great pleasure to thank John for his nice work within our SIAM chapter. He was the recipient of a SIAM Certificate of recognition.

The first one in South America!!!

On the non-academic side, it was a very friendly 20-people meeting from maths, physics, engineering (chemistry, electrical, electronics), from Bogota and Manizales. Next integration meeting will be organized by Patty. Thus sure it will include dancing (salsa was so asked by Johan!) and it will 1000 times better than the first meeting.

Please see UNIMEDIOS tv notes on the creation of our chapter in Manizales


and the congress (Dynamics Days South America 2010) we are organizing in Brazil (Sao Jose dos Campos)


That's all now. Below, some photos of the meeting.


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